5 Reasons your CAD to VR Approach is Broken (And How to Fix It)

Advantages of CAD to VR streaming

Are you sick of wasting countless hours, translating your CAD models? to formats acceptable to your favorite VR system? Then, streaming CAD to VR is the solution.

Here are the top 5 problems, with CAD data translation:

Number 1. Data translations are inherently error-prone, and this could worsen with increased product complexity.

Number 2. Since translated models could still be reverse-engineered, this could lead to potential intellectual property theft.

Number 3. Changes to the model in CAD, cannot be instantly updated in VR, since the translation cycle needs to be repeated, for each change order.

Number 4. Un-noticed data loss during translation is a potential risk and often results in less effectively design reviews.

And finally, the review session needs to be planned well ahead in time, and cannot be done on-the-fly, or even at a short notice. This hampers the agility of product development.

Now let’s see how streaming your CAD data, directly to VR, overcomes the challenges posed by data translation.

1. CAD data streaming assures 100% design validation with the blueprint since it eliminates the step of data translation. Streaming CAD data to VR can impact your bottom line by as much as 63%.

2. Experience up to 53% in time savings, when visualizing CAD models at a 1:1 scale, and further 95% savings, due to a unified experience, across various departments of the organizations, regardless of the CAD or the hardware platform used.

3. Data streaming provides you the most accurate 3D CAD models in VR, so you can take precise measurements, and detect interferences reliably, resulting in a 73% increase in productivity, as costly rework is also avoided.

4. Your design reviews become more effective since there is practically no data loss with CAD data streaming. Fit, Form and Function assessment, as well as ergonomic studies, can be performed more reliably, leading to customer satisfaction.

5.  Eliminating data translation increases your return on investment, by a whopping 83%

Design reviews can be completed faster than before, as the long waiting times for data translation are eliminated, by CAD data streaming into VR.

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