Naval Design Organisation
Research Lab At IIT
Defense Research Organisation
Naval Design Organisation

Virtual Prototyping Centre For Design Reviews

  • 21 MP 12 channel 3D powerwall
  • Seamless curved display system
  • Optical tracking System, data gloves
  • CAD Virtual prototyping software

Research Lab At IIT

Virtual Reality Industrial Design Lab

  • 2 Megapixel flat display environment
  • Rear projection system
  • VR development environment
  • HMD, Data Gloves, Ultrasonic tracking system

Defense Research Organisation

Virtual Reality Maintenance Simulator

  • 16 Megapixel 160° curved display environment
  • 8 channel rear projection system
  • Aircraft maintenance training
  • Optical tracking system, data gloves

Fixed VR systems
VR Interaction Gadget
Motion Tracking System
VR Software
Fixed VR systems

  • Fixed immersive Powerwalls
  • 3D rear projection based systems
  • Multi projector edge blended system
  • Varying immersion levels
  • 0° – 160° based on the application
  • Ideal for 1:1 scale interaction
  • VR gadgetry integration
  • Wireless wand
  • Data gloves
  • Haptic devices
  • Motion tracki

VR Interaction Gadget

  • Interaction with 1:1 scale CAD data
  • Stereo glasses with head tracking
  • Joystick control for navigation
  • Data gloves with gesture
  • Real time interaction
  • CAD data interaction for
  • Assembly disassembly studies
  • Reachability, Collision detection
  • Human Interface studies
  • Maintenance, ergonomic studies

Motion Tracking System

  • Perform tasks in the virtual world
  • Real world movements, actions
  • Head and hand tracking
  • Built in calibration system
  • Low latency for instant movement
  • High precision
  • Detect exact viewpoint
  • Location of interaction devices
  • Virtual reality gloves
  • Multiple targets for full body track

VR Software

  • High fidelity visual rendering
  • CAD Data support
  • Dassault, PTC, Seimens datasets
  • Tribon, AVEVA custom datasets
  • Integrate geometry & metadata
  • Real-time real world physics
  • Kinematics
  • Collision
  • Gravity and other dynamics
  • Support for virtual navigation
  • Support for model animation

Collaborative 3D Component Design Reviews Using Virtual Reality

Complete Set Of Tools For Natural 1:1 Interaction In VR: Ideal For Ergonomics

Collaborative Interaction Spaces In VR For Assembly/Component Review

Kinematics During User Interaction Using VR Data Gloves

Interaction Using VR Data Gloves

VR Training On Assembly Sequence

Collision Detection With And Without Interpenetration

The Next Dimension Of CAD Review: Direct VR Without Data Conversion

Portable VR Systems

  • Desktop, mobile VR development
  • Portable systems
  • Head Mounted Displays (HMD)
  • Integrated tracking systems
  • High end Image Generators
  • Maintenance, HSE trainers
  • VR Content development
  • In-house production teams
  • Photorealistic content creation

Industry HSE Training Using Virtual Reality And BIM

HMD Pods: Immersive Interaction Spaces For Engineering Services In VR

Complete Services To Support CAD To VR Data Migration

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