CartridGIS Geospatial Intelligence

CartridGIS are modular functionality sets that enrich base functionality provide by the GeorbIS Desk and Enterprise platforms by offering features that allow advanced functionality for application specific use cases.

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The Analyst cartridge offers support for advanced 2D and 3D analytics on geospatial data and visualising them directly on the globe. This includes tools to define raster and geometric operations as well as predefined geospatial analysis tools.


The Processor cartridge offers support to create and process geodatabases for faster access through GeorbIS desktop and server modules. This includes pre-processing features for vector, raster datasets and publishing for OGC compliant formats.


The Stratagem cartridge offers complete geospatial intelligence to setup a C4i platform. Its native support for 3D, military grids and symbology, unit based access to tools for operation planning make it an ideal choice for setting up Battle Planning Suites.


The Footprint extension helps in integration of real-time sensor data with the geospatial system. The system supports a wide range of sensors with open protocols including radar, EOTS, CCTV, weather sensor, GPS, UAVs.


The Intel CartridGIS offers a toolset for MIS data representation on GIS data. The aggregation of field data and integrated visualisation offers statistical analysis


A Pro only module, G-Shift offers physical simulation entities for use in a distributed simulation. The offered simulation modules include Flight Vehicles, Artillery weapons, Missiles, Electro-Optical tracking systems, Radars and Telemetry systems

Training and Support

GeorbIS comes with support for specialised training from a team of professionals. Multiple modes of training, theoretical/ hands on, can be conducted for the required duration, invariable of the location of training. GeorbIS training sessions come with comprehensive training package documentation including:

  • A standard trainers guide
  • Handouts and user manuals
  • Troubleshooting manuals
  •  System admin manuals