Contractors will no more have nightmares of clashes and collisions, using collaborative VR


We will discuss how Exxar CAD to VR can be a benefit for general contractors.

In the AEC Industry, typically there are three parties involved in a construction project – the owner, the project management team and the contractor.

The possible situation of contractor involvement in a building construction project is-

  • The owner hires a project management team and the team hires a contractor. In this situation, the contractor will work under the project management team.
  • In another situation, the owner hires a contractor and the contractor employs a project management team. In this situation, the project management team will work under the contractor.
A general contractor has a very crucial role in the project :

Contractor has a role in planning the construction of the building. His key role in building construction is project management.

To maintain time schedule, implement cost-effective methods, monitor work quality, materials management system, maintain safety related issues is the contractor’s responsibility.

As it is a big issue in construction, a contractor also needs to play a huge role in health and safety.

Challenges faced by general contractors
  • Planning – They can’t detect the clashes in design stage as the designs sent by the three stakeholders, i.e., MEP, HVAC and Design company, are not in the same format. However, the BIM coordinator takes the 3 files and detects clashes from the three versions and asks for a meeting with the stakeholders. Hundreds of thousands are spent to arrange a meeting with the stakeholders. This cost is higher if they are in different countries.
  • Project management – The project has a certain timeline and each stage has to be completed within the stipulated time. Due to the clashes, collisions and interferences, the time involved increases and so does the cost of rework.
  • Project monitoring – Cost effective reviews can’t be done as many clashes go undetected. Work quality goes down due to the extensive rework that is done. Monitoring safety related issues is a part of a human’s work but due to limitation of the software generally used, human posture analysis that would make the operations workers job easy, is not a feature in many software.

Digital transformation is the answer to mitigate all the above mentioned challenges.

3D model viewing in software like Navisworks makes it easy to detect clashes. We can experience a much more technologically enhanced view. 1:1 scale view using head mounted displays is one of its many features.

With the help of design review software like Navisworks, we can experience 3D viewing in desktop and navigate using a mouse.

Reviews can be done in a better environment and costs that make the process less acceptable can be saved. The time and cost can be saved immensely. Work quality and operations efficiency can be bettered.

It is easier to stick to the schedules and finish work in time due to the removal of large number of clashes in the process.

Exxar – Taking CAD to VR, one stop solution for everything AEC

In Exxar CAD to VR platform, not only can we convert a 2D image into 3D but it is done in a matter of seconds after clicking a button. The virtual data can be seen in an immersive and interactive environment. A lot of time is saved as unlike other software which take hours to convert into 3D VR environment, it does the work in less than a minute. So, we can improve our time to market.

1:1 scale view is possible to achieve in the VR environment. You don’t have to watch 2D images in desktop and navigate through a 2D mouse. All you need is Exxar software and head mounted displays, trackers and controllers to see the view in its life size. It makes the process more interactive with the possibility of a human to enter the model and check whether parts are placed well so that design is human centric.

A contractor can collaborate with stakeholders in no matter what geographic location they are in. Collaborative VR environment is not just for games anymore. It can be incorporated in your business and one of the ways is to do it through our flagship product, Exxar.


Exxar is the real deal if you want to boost your profits. Also, it will make you get rid of the traditional systems which were ineffective. e.g., like 2D drawings, physical models. So, don’t miss your time to ride the wave of change.

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