Exxar CAD to VR Increase Productivity of Navisworks Review

Navisworks is a 3D CAD design review platform with a focus on Architecture, Heavy Engineering and related Industries). It opens and combines 3D models of any (of the above mentioned industry) designs like a building or a power plant. It has excellent features like navigating through the model, simulation and analysis using its Timeline module, which works for 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and photorealistic rendering, giving a 3D view of the design layout, something that no other CAD platform, native or review does.
1:1 scale in virtual reality

While Navisworks is a great software for reviewing 3D Designs it’s not possible for us to visualize the model in 1:1 scale in virtual reality. This limitation makes the whole review process assumptive in nature since the process is neither interactive nor immersive. Furthermore, navigating inside the model on Navisworks may not be accurate as it does not highlight clashes that might occur due to collision between a human and outlying parts or between tools and parts. This limitation is very crucial as in most cases Human Interaction is key for models reviewed on Navisworks. This limitation is further highlighted by the need for accessibility/reachability when it comes to critical components housed by multi layered assemblies. The lack of 1:1 scale interaction makes it difficult to overcome the challenge visualizing blind-zones itself on Navisworks, let alone accurately assessing ergonomic standards as it expected for human centric interaction focussed models.


CAD to VR transformation platform

Which brings us to Exxar CAD, a CAD to VR transformation platform, which (transforms) the Navisworks (or supported plant/architecture visualization) format into virtual reality solves the limitation of immersion, visualisation, navigation and interaction with the desired model, and it does all of that in 1:1 scale.

Now you can load your native CAD model in VR in a single click and perform a host of basic to advanced design reviews using the digital mockup features of the platform. You can translate the position of parts in the model while checking not only for accessibility/reachability but also to see if there are any interferences between two or more parts caused due to the translation. You can use the X-Ray feature to visualize underlying parts in dense or multi layered assemblies.

You can also introduce a Human Avatar of yourself in the Virtual Environment, making for a more accurate Human Centric Validation for Model Inspections, Tool Interactions, blindzone visualization and reachability/accessibility of critical parts. Furthermore, any and all changes needed in the model can be instantly updated in the Virtual Environment once the change is made in the Native CAD file. Which leads to the conclusion that Exxar not only enhance the whole model review process, it does so by augmenting the already existing review capabilities of Navisworks. Exxar is all that you get from Navisworks and much more. With a 100% accuracy in the model (as compared to the native CAD format) guaranteed, Exxar CAD is truly a platform that revolutionises the design to development cycle as we know it.   

Create, review, interact and enhance your existing prototype using Exxar – the next generation virtual reality design platform.

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