Fastest way to bring your data into SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR)

Ever felt the pain of having to rely on expensive physical prototypes, for 1:1 scale visualization? Or the struggle with communicating design intent, to other stakeholders, and perhaps your customers? Extended Reality technologies bring the power of immersive visualization, and natural interaction to your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data. There is no better way to power your Extended Reality experience than Exxar.
Exxar streams your native SOLIDWORKS data to XR in real-time, with no file format conversion involved. Here’s how it does it in 5 easy steps.
Step 1 – Load the SOLIDWORKS Model

The process is straightforward, where you open your product assembly model in Exxar, just like you’d do in SOLIDWORKS. Here’s a fairly large assembly of an industrial forklift truck in SOLIDWORKS, which Exxar streams into the virtual space in a jiffy. No waiting times and you are ready to go!

Step 2 – Stream Model to Extended Reality (XR) Device 

Press the stream button in Exxar and Viola! You have your model on your XR device in a 1 is to 1 scale instantly. It’s that simple!

Step 3 – Interact with the Model in SOLIDWORKS (XR)

Now that you have your model in Exxar as a virtual prototype, add a contextual backdrop to your model. How about visualizing the forklift inside a manufacturing plant? Just the click of a button, and the environment is all set.

You can now collaborate with all the stakeholders, and get a better spatial understanding of your design, and not just that, also walk around the product assembly, just like in the real world, all without the costly overheads of a physical prototype.

Step 4 – Perform Digital Validation in SOLIDWORKS XR

Wish to validate your design data? No problems. Exxar sports an assortment of standard measurement, review and annotation functionality. You can add notes for others to review, or can just scribble on portions of the model, to draw attention.

Not just that, you can now interact with your SOLIDWORKS assembly, in a first-person mode, by picking and placing parts from their positions, for performing closer inspections. Exxar is smart. It remembers where the parts originally came from, and aids in snapping them back into position, when the examination is done.

Step 5. Validate Human Centric Design Aspects in SOLIDWORKS XR

And if you thought that was too much to expect from Exxar, there’s more in store. Exxar helps you further validate human-centric aspects of the design, like the driver’s ergonomics, including the access or reachability of various parts around the console. Besides this, you can also determine the visibility of the driver, from the seating position, to check and remove any blind spots within the design.

Exxar thus helps you to quickly review, validate, and finalize your design in a matter of a couple of minutes.

For companies seeking an immersive experience for their designs, Exxar provides a seamless passage to Extended Reality, allowing you to simulate a seamless presence, with your design in a virtual environment.

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