Geospatial Intelligence

When it comes to operation planning and visualising data in 3D, our geospatial  intelligence solutions come in handy and make the task smooth. We have lots of data these days but this data is of no use unless put to some smart work. Our geospatial solutions are the best platform to transform data into decisions. Our solutions range from 24/7 mission critical control rooms, live visualisation of sensor feeds, scenario creation, and planning of roads, sewage systems, cities. A hybrid architecture is provided with strong foundations. This opens up gates to highly customisable solutions specific to the requirements which is the best way to achieve the desired results. 

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GeorbIS Desktop

Customised for deployment at the individual level, GerorbIS Desk is our desktop based 3D GIS platform for the visulisation, analysis and development of data

GeorbIS Enterprise​

Customised for deployment at an organisation level, GeorbIS Enterprise is our server based 3D GIS platform for the visualisation, analysis and  development of data


For the purpose of easing customised deployments at multiple levels, various software functionality, named CartridGIS, have been created which fit in with our main 3D GIS platform


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