GeorbIS Solution For Oil And Gas Industry


  • From data to decisions
  • Leveraging GeoInt
  • GeorbIS- Make in India
  • Proven across critical deployments
  • DGS&D rate contract

Fully integrated solutions

  • 3D GIS portals
  • 3D geo-database creation
  • Data fusion and analytics
  • Local support and service
  • Custom application development

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GeorbIS For Oil & Gas Signature Projects

Border Security Force: OPS Control Room with 3D video wall, operator consoles
Border Security Force: OPS Control Room with 3D video wall, operator consoles
Border Security Force: Unified GIS-OIS Portal
Border Security Force: Unified GIS-OIS Portal
Integrated Test Range: 3D GIS based virtual range DSS portal
Integrated Test Range: 3D GIS based virtual range DSS portal
Unified GIS-DSS Portal
Unified GIS-DSS Portal
INCOIS: Unified Digital Ocean GIS Portal
INCOIS: Unified Digital Ocean GIS Portal

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Solution For Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Industry


  • Minimizing costs to remain competitive
  • Performance improvement
  • Meeting environmental regulations


  • Cost control and optimize the performance of employees, facilities and assets.
  • Develop a high-performing culture through training, new systems and ongoing management.
  • Generate Spatial report on the environmental footprint for statutory compliance


  • Desktop, web, mobile
  • Desk, Enterprise versions
  • Certified OGC® compliant
  • Windows, Linux support
  • Universal database compatibility
  • Native support for 3D
  • Highly customizable

GeorbIS Enterprise

  • GeorbIS Enterprise Solution
  • Distributed 3D GIS on SOA
  • Scalable 4 cores licenses
  • Organization wide usage
  • Centralized availability of Data
  • Accessible through Web Browser
  • Provide information to Citizens and other Stake-Holders
  • Information on fingertips for Decision Makers

GIS is the revolution for the Oil and Gas Industry as their data sets are often highly geographic in nature, and perfect for being displayed in an overlaid visual manner.

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Decision Support System

Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Data index maps
  • Well planning
  • Field operations
  • Land management
  • Pipeline routing
  • Pipeline monitoring

HSE Compliance

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Automation in Map Production and Visualization
  • Mapping existing and new Sites
  • Mapping for As built sites
  • Mapping future Oil and Gas prospects.
  • Topo plan for Rig Movement
  • Seamless management with a real-time mapping visualization and analysis of remote /offshore sites, operations and assets

GIS Enabled Exploration Well Pad Planning

  • Map lease boundary
  • Map well pad approach road
  • Precise Cellar Pit construction
  • Map as built drill sites
  • Map as built camp sites
  • Superimpose as built drawing on planned layout
  • Terrain assessment with contour lines

GIS Deployment Through The Oil Field Life-cycle

GIS In Oil And Gas Exploration

Data Acquisition

  • Restricted /Accessible Areas
  • Farms, Cities, and Roads
  • Dynamite/ Vibroseis
  • Planning of routes

Data Interpretation

  • 3D Data Tie/ Visualization
  • Surface Maps/ Satellite Imagery
  • Gravity and Magnetic Maps
  • Seismic Subsurface Grids/ Maps
  • A complex collection of Data

Drilling operations

  • Survey of Surface Location
  • Geosteer the Well to the target location
  • Live Data Stream to tie with subsurface
  • Type of Rig.
  • Rig-mat construction status

Production Monitoring

  • Well pad construction
  • Pipeline management
  • Facilities management
  • Follow each drop

Optimum Planning

  • Spacing radios
  • Restricted Zones

Mapping For Oil And Gas Industry

  • Mapping Lease Boundary
  • Mapping Oil and Gas Field
  • Planning of New Exploration Well Pads
  • Mapping as built services
  • Mapping of Camp Sites

  • Distribution and Pipeline management
  • Pipeline Routing and Vehicle / Fleet Tracking
  • Supports future action and ongoing exploration activities
  • Asset mapping and management

Mapping And Oil And Gas Sector

Planning & Analysis

  • Locating proposed well locations
  • Identifying potential reservoir sources
  • Basin analysis
  • Play analysis
  • Acreage analysis
  • Prospect analysis

Data Management

  • Store & analyze seismic data
  • Lease land record management
  • Exploration and production database management
  • Surface data base management
  • As built data management

HSE Awareness

  • Assure health safety environment compliance
  • Safety First implement zero tolerance policy
  • Health & Safety Inspection Framework
  • Risk factor analysis
  • Environmental monitoring and protection

Field Operations

  • Helps answer
  • Where is the site located?
  • Type of the terrain ?
  • Where are the pipeline routes?
  • What are the future prospects of reservoirs ?
  • What are the values at risk?

UAV For Project Monitoring Survey

  • Capture actual ground image with 360 degree & 90 degree tilt
  • Autonomous and man- portable quad copter