L&T Defence Awarded with “IMC – AZA Best Innovation” Award for Leveraging Digital Solutions in Marine Platform

L&T Defence solutions encompass land-based weapon delivery systems, air defence and artillery systems and upgrades, naval weapon launch systems with fire-control systems, combat engineering systems, communication, avionics, C4l, and missile systems. L&T designs and builds critical aerospace components, tracking, and launch systems for space mission.

Construction of marine platforms is considered as one of the most highly complex & challenging Projects in the world. It requires a high level of space management during the construction. Around 35 million parts are to be accommodated meeting all technical, ergonomic & aesthetic requirements. Most of the material and equipment are supplied by customer to L&T as Free Issue Material (FIM). 500+ OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are involved in supplying materials and components. These platforms are built for a long time through several phases from Design -> Construction -›Trails-> Commission-> Maintenance with a span of 12 years. At the Design stage 3D models are prepared by L&T based on customer inputs (such as Drawings, Binding data of Equipment, and Normative Documents). However, during construction, a number of challenges are faced due to layout, ergonomics, aesthetics, and OMA (Operability, Maintainability, and Accessibility) aspects. To make the design process more robust, a need was felt to implement Virtual Reality (VR), providing an immersive view and collaboration in a 3D environment. Implementation of “Virtual Reality” in following resulted in more robust design processes.

› Layout Study, Acclimatization & Optimization

› Operation and Accessibility checks

› Training and Maintenance space analysis

During the Outfitting stage, due to concurrent design changes, mismatches (35%) between supplied equipment against the Binding Data, trial set up of equipment, and pipe templating have become mandatory. In order to identify such challenges proactively and avoid physical activities, Augmented Reality (AR) which superimposes digital images in the physical world has been adopted. Implementation of “Augmented Reality” in the following areas during the execution / outfitting stage resulted in the identification & mitigation of challenges proactively:

› Digital Setup of Equipment/Piping – Proactive identification of installation, interference & interface challenges

› Feasibility study and Layout review – Evaluation of impact of modified equipment in available space

› Digital Shipping in of Equipment – Identification of interference with other inventory in the shipping-in route.

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