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Make the construction work more efficient by taking CAD to VR

Construction of a power plant

When the process of construction begins, there are many challenges that need to be addressed or else they eat up the cost and time.

There are 4% companies that are facing construction challenges. 

The Problem
  • Tracking progress against time – Time taken to complete the construction usually takes a lot of time as there are problems with the design.
  • No way to compare as built data with design data – As we build the plant, we get to know the errors in the project and changes to be made in the construction (based on 2D drawing).
  • Cost escalations since design is not fully validated.
  • The cost will shoot up due to the design not being reviewed effectively ( and in different software ) by the three companies (AEC, MEP, designer).
  • Expensive redesign due to design clashes – Redesigning leads to making changes in the actual power plant. Hence, there are added costs of rebuilding.
The Solution

Exxar solves all these problems and makes the process more economical as well as faster for the companies using it as an add-on to their existing design platforms. Its advantages are immense.

Decrease in total time – Progress is traceable against time.

Model design and real power plant can be compared on the go (while constructing) in high resolution 3D.

All the clashes can be found and corrected in the 3D model in immersive VR environment.

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