Navigating Uncharted
Waters: Virtual and
Augmented Reality Training
for Shipbuilding Industry

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Technology Enhancement

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Shipbuilding Industry

Challenges faced in Shipbuilding Industrial Training

Complex Geometric Structures

Trainees struggle with intricate ship designs, risking safety and cost.

Safety Protocols and Compliance

Ensuring strict safety compliance is vital in hazardous shipyards.

Advanced Technologies Integration

Adapting to automation, robotics, and digital twins in shipbuilding training.

Advantages of using Virtual Reality in Training

Interactive Learning

Enhances understanding of complex ship designs.

Safe Simulation

Ensures secure safety protocol practice.

Technology Familiarization

VR offers interactive training for advanced shipbuilding technologies.

VR enables multiple training modes

Guided training with Instructor

Standalone practice

Collaborative team training

Performance evaluation

Typical challenges in adoption of VR Training

Content authoring is time consuming & costly

Typical service providers rely on inefficient tool chains to create content, which is manual and inefficient.

Device-specific code limits use cases

Most developers “hard-code” content to run on specific devices like Quest or HTC Vive only, severely limiting adoption & return on investment.

Integration challenges with Enterprise IT

Game developers don’t consider data security and 3rd party integrations necessary for enterprise adoption.

VizExperts’ unique approach sets you up for success!

Cost effective & Scalable

Our automated data pipelines reduce content creation costs. Our SaaS model enables you to start small and scale as required.

Multi-device support

Native apps for Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Hololens as well as iPad and Android tablets enables multiple use cases and high adoption.

Truly Enterprise Solution

VizExperts relies on Exxar to ensure Enterprise-class data security, End to end encryption & integration with Enterprise IT systems

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