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Virtual Reality Company

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In this NDTV Profit Unicorn interview,  VizExperts CEO Praveen Bhaniramka explains how the technological aspects have transformed data to decision making allowing people to take strategic actions faster, easier and more transparent. The CEO puts emphasis on Cross System Modelling, Simulation, 3D Visualization, Virtual Reality & Geospatial Intelligence.

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VizExperts Achievements

  • No. 1 VR System Integrator in India & South Asian Region

  • Only Indian company with capability to deploy turnkey VR solutions in any domain

  • Successful track record of delivering of VR / Immersive projects @ Multiple DRDO Labs, ISRO Labs, IITs, Science Museums, Shipbuilding – GRSE

  • Key technology for training and simulation applications

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VizExperts – VR Company


VizExperts is a Virtual Reality based company specialized in delivering highly customizable computer-generated VR experience solutions. As a VR Company, we have successfully delivered multiple turnkey solutions across various industries including the Design & Manufacturing organizations, Indian Defence forces, Homeland Security, Education & Research etc. Having experience for over 12 years in Virtual Reality based digital training and designing, we have shifted from Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions to Immersive Training Solutions. With the help of VR technology, we offer effective training programme in domains like education sector, manufacturing, automobile, aviation, healthcare and the like. We develop multi-sensory Virtual Reality systems and software for consumers, retail, experiential, retail, training and industrial purposes. 


In today’s technology-driven world, Augmented Reality (AR) holds an important place. In a sentence, AR refers to the advanced technology that overlays information on the real world objects in real time. VizExperts are into creating AR apps and providing useful AR solutions. VizExperts, an AR-based company, has really helped to open up this technology to many applications and reach to a broader audience. Using AR Technology, we assist in 3D designing, animation, motion capture, environment creation and product presentation. Our developers build AR apps for Android, iOS & Windows. For organisations like defense,  education, manufacturing & automobile, we have successfully created AR based events & activities. We design and deliver AR working kits which involves interactive and informative screens.  


VizExperts, dealing in Mixed Reality, deliver integrated MR solutions. We offer an expert training program for people to enhance their skill. Implementing new technology advancements, we develop MR based software and applications for Android, iOS platforms. We create MR involved immersive environment to visualize human work, their behaviour and interaction with machines and other devices. With a good track record of success, we have done MR related projects for our clients which includes defense, automotive, PSUs, & manufacturing sector. We are specialized in developing customized Mixed Reality Applications which enhances your business growth. Implementing MR technology in your business operations will completely change the way you interact with customers.


In today’s digital engrossing world, organisations adopting the Industry 4.0 version is at the forefront in every aspect. VizExperts is the leading Industry 4.0 solution provider helping the organisations to implement changes and improve their business by adopting Industry 4.0 technology. VizExperts, dealing in Industry 4.0 technology, offers the opportunity for organisations to optimize their operations quickly and efficiently by knowing what needs attention. We assist industry experts in decision making and helps to complete projects like product designing, manufacturing by allowing them to work virtually in an industrial environment. VizExperts are into the implementation of automation and robotics in the industrial sector.

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Snow & Avalanche Training Center,

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Ship Design & Review Center, GRSE, Kolkata

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Industrial Safety Training Center, IIT Kharagpur

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Tenr Inventures

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