Control systems
Power plants

Image courtesy Fraunhofer IFF 

Electrify Electrical Engineering related programs using Virtual Reality​

Interaction with a virtual reality environment through the VR gadgets is mainly driven by electrical engineering elements. Certain aspects of control systems such as haptic feedback using servo motion control, speech recognition which are an integral part of VR setups can be shown in real time for better understanding.

Mechatronics is another area which is seen as a driving force in various industries by providing transducers for sensor technologies. Better appreciation of mechatronics through VR simulations can generate greater interest. Robotics, one of the mainstays in many institutes of higher education and certainly one of the students’ favorites, at least when it comes to its practical applications, can be made equally interesting in theory through a VR based approach.

There is immense scope for research on advancements in virtual reality through developments in electrical engineering. 



Research on the development of gadgetry to perform surgical procedures on virtual tissues such that the surgeon feels different degrees of resistance to the motion of a scalpel at different places along the tissue and related applications where there is an interaction with a virtual object through a gadget are dependent on new electrical and electronics technologies. A specific research focus area is in the field of BioMedical engineering where engineering principles are applied to solve problems in medicine and biology.

  • Engaging environment to make theoretical aspects more interesting
  • Research space for a multitude of applications
  • Wide range of application simulation