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Unleash the Mechanical Engineer in you through Virtual Reality​

An approach based on 3D visualization can cement the foundation of engineering graphics and engineering mechanics which are imperative for a better understanding of everything else in the domain. A strong foundation in CAD, one of the prerequisites these days for any successful mechanical engineer, is no longer just about being able to model in 3D. It is about animating the models and simulating them in virtually created real life conditions. Design engineers can be immersed in an audio-visually coupled virtual environment in order to enable direct interaction with the design process in real time

Internal Combustion engines learnt using a VR environment can ignite the passions of many an automobile engineer. Simulation of the various components in a virtual environment would be more effective than a live lab experiment as there would be no constraints with respect to visibility of internal combustion reactions.

With Computer Aided Engineering being the industry norm OEMs throughout the world have acknowledged that virtual prototyping is the way of the future. A lot of potential research centered around Model Based Design of various components followed by testing in a virtual environment is being done. The validity of these models have also been found to be high. The resulting cost savings by such simulation and testing in virtual environments has created an urgency amongst manufacturers to adopt such methods. Pre preparedness in such technologies will help engineers expedite the development cycle of products

  • Dynamic simulation aids for effective teaching
  • Virtual workshops
  • A presentation environment that supports dynamic content