Did you know that top 3 IITs are using virtual reality for education and research


Training In Virtual Reality Boosts User Engagement And Learning Retention In A Safe Immersive Environment

Do you face difficulty in taking decisions by analysing large datasets? Do you face problem in viewing complex real-world situations in 2D? Do you have to hold important training drills because of budget measures?
With smart and optimized Virtual Reality solutions, you can overcome these challenges easily. VR simplifies your data and assists you to take meaningful decisions. The combination of VR hardware and software provides the ultimate platform to view and interact with the problem in 3D. It improves the retention rate and allows you to conduct smooth training programme within the allocated budget. 


Immersive Intelligence VR Training Solution

Are you having problem to train your new employees? Are you facing difficulty to design and interact with the machinery components? Are you exceeding your training budget limit?
With the VR enabled training, your problems can be solved. You can design, assemble and interact with the content simultaneously in 3D context. This VR training is very effective in terms of cost cutting and also minimizes the time consumption.   

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Our Services – Virtual Reality In Education

Virtual Reality In Mechanical Engineering

  • Deliver effective VR solutions for research labs & classrooms.
  • Provides VR training experience centre for mechanical workshop.
  • Develop VR softwares to design, assemble complex machine parts in 3D.
  • Our clients include IIT Hyderabad, IIT Roorkee, IIT Mumbai, IIT Kharagpur & GRSE.

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Virtual Reality In Civil Engineering

  • Design and build 3D interactive environment with real-time tracking.
  • Develop virtual prototype models where the clients get a 360° view of the design with interaction.
  • Provide 3D visualization of the building, classrooms with an animated VR walk-through.
  • Done VR projects for BSF, Indian Armed Forces and PSUs.

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Virtual Reality In Computer Science Engineering

  • Develop VR softwares and application tools to run difficult programmes.
  • Established VR classrooms and computer labs at India’s top IITs.
  • With VR, students easily understands the complex coding concept.
  • Our clients include TCS, Red Chillies Entertainment and American Embassy.

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Virtual Reality In Electrical Engineering

  • Develop VR hardware, software & various sensors to create a virtual environment.
  • Our VR Electrical workshops in the institutes attract the students’ interest and participation.
  • Develop VR training center to understand the working of sensors, wire and cable connections, circuit board diagrams.
  • Our some prominent VR electrical clients include GAIL, Electronics Corporation of India Limited, BHEL, Webel Technology Limited etc.

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Virtual Reality In Aerospace Engineering

  • Create simulated 3D virtual cockpits for trainee pilots
  • Develop fully integrated VR experience centre for training & learning purpose
  • With VR, ground staff operation training would be conducted effectively
  • We design and assemble aeroplane parts in CAD, Solidworks.   

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Virtual Reality In Chemical Engineering

  • Set up a VR enabled chemical research laboratory at IIT Hyderabad and designed virtual chemical plant
  • Provides virtual reality hardware and cloud-based simulation to enable chemists to interact with 3D molecular models
  • Install VR experience center for the students to understand the chemical reactions & equations more easily
  • With VR, researchers experience how the molecules actually move and flex in three dimensions.

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Virtual Reality Gadgets

Head Mounted Displays (HMD)

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data gloves

Data Gloves

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Controller (with lanyard)

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VR Flight Kit

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Our Prestigious VR Clients


Snow & Avalanche Training Center,
DRDO, Chandigarh

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Industrial Safety Training Center, IIT Kharagpur

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Ship Design & Review Center, GRSE, Kolkata

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Tenr Inventures

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Trusted By Our Clients

Our Virtual Reality integrated software helps Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), India to train new pilots via virtual cockpit. The optimizable VR software allows the user to experience flight training programme in a 3D simulated environment and tackle with the real world situations.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) design and assemble the naval and cargo ships by using our VR prototype models and softwares. Virtual Reality models help them to operate, design and interact with the ship’s machinery components in a 3D immersive environment. With the capability of VR, the designing and assembling become easy to perform for the engineers.

VizExperts set up a VR lab at Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India that provides Snow and Avalanche related advisory and training programmes to Indian Armed Forces who operate in the upper altitude of the Himalayas.

We have done a project for IIT Roorkee based on the Processing and Registration of Laser Scanning Data (Historical Buildings) and Visualization of Architectural Laser Scanning data in Virtual Reality.

Set up a design lab for the Directorate of Naval Design (DND), India. Using the software IC.IDO, We have created Virtual Prototyping which assists them in naval ship designing and modelling.

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