What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation or replacement of one’s environment. For example, you put on a headset with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors, it blocks out your worldview and substitutes the digital world that’s designed to control your senses from the point of view of your brain.

Virtual Reality (VR) tries to replicate the “reality” of the physical world by using a “virtual” or synthetic world. The virtual world is generated by a computer (or mobile phones) using software and hardware technology. The virtual world is a combination of the scene and the objects that you interact with. For example the scene will include the room where you are sitting right now, as well as the outside world that you can see from the room. The objects will include the chair you are sitting on, the table, your smartphone or laptop being used to read this. To represent your “current you” in the virtual world, you need models of everything around you placed nicely in the same location as they are in the physical world! The following picture shows picture of a mall in the physical world and the corresponding image generated by the virtual model of the mall. Notice the similarities and differences between the two images including the objects in the scene, the environment and other elements. These are things that you might not have noticed when casually passing by the mall!

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