Customer Pain Points

Due to lack of permanent infrastructure for multi-purpose collaboration, they had to rent out the display
system for their workshops, seminars and training sessions, costing more and creating hassle for the customer.
Wanted to play multiple contents from multiple input sources simultaneously with dynamic control.
Also so as to record those sessions, customer had to set up a camera system which is also an extra cost to add up.

Customer application area

Exxar virtual reality 3d design
Terrain visualisation, Seminars and Trainings.

Alternate solutions/ competition evaluated

Exxar virtual reality 3d
Due to vast application area, any other controller was not satisfying enough for the end user as it was a multi-purpose hall and have to be used in different scenarios.

Consultancy offered

Video wall controller connection
To provide an AV Infrastructure so as to solve the problem faced by BPR&D in organizing Seminars and Training Sessions.

USP software feature of VizDisplay

Video wall controller
Real-time Wireless Touch Control of Videowall and Real-time recording and playback.

How did the customer reach out to us?

Customer Reference The current BPR&D ADG was at BSF when VizExperts had installed the Operations room at BSF and as he liked the service, he referred us to the  concern authority at BPR&D

Project Highlight

This is by far the fastest Project Procedure in the history of VizExperts India. Installation and Commissioning was done within 2 days of receiving the PO.

Key customer delight points

  • Real-time wireless control
  • Multiple Input Source on Display Simultaneously with customised Presets and Recording of Seminars and Training Sessions.
  • They are now recording the seminars and training sessions they are conducting and disseminating these sessions to more people therefore, increasing their and productivity.

Digital First Approach

Using Immersive Technologies accelerates Digital Transformation, Customer Experience and Innovation – Gartner
digital transform first approach
of organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt digital first strategy
of IT decision makers say that digital business has already helped their organization achieve revenue growth