Shipbuilding Industry Challenges

VR design

Design Challenges

  • Proprietary 3D CAD Software
  • No focus on human centric design
  • Physical prototyping for design validation causing huge delays

VR review

Review Challenges

  • Long decision cycles and iteration
  • Preparing data for review is challenging due to data size
  • Additional tools are required
  • Natural interaction is missing
  • Ergonomics reviews are not done

VR production

Production Challenges

  • No way to compare as built data with design data
  • Major cost escalations since design is not fully validated
  • Major delays in production
  • Expensive redesign

VR showcase

Showcase Challenges

  • No technology to showcase
  • Poor present ability of data
  • Less user involvement before purchase

VR maintenance

Maintenance Challenges

  • Training is stand alone and non-interactive
  • Final design data is not used for training
  • Effectiveness of training is poor

Digital First Approach

digital transform first approach
of IT decision makers say that digital business has already helped their organization achieve revenue growth
of organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt digital first strategy
Using Immersive Technologies accelerates Digital
Transformation, Customer Experience and Innovation

Digital Transformation

DT shipdesign info
Increase effectiveness and training engagement with immersive tools and train directly on the final approved design
Collaborate with the production team with immersive technology and ensure as built data matches design data.
Perform human centric design with instant 1:1 scale visualization and natural interaction
3d virtual reality in ship design
Showcase the design to customers through immersive technology. Increase user engagement and finalise the design.
Connect directly to the design database with enterprise grade security and bring down review and design iteration time

Commonly Used Process

Exxar cad process

Digital Transformation Center

3d virtual reality in ship design

EXXAR Virtual Prototyping Software

  • 3D CAD tool to VR in Real-time
  • Complete digital mock-up functionality in 1:1 scale
  • Multi-level validation with visual, collision, kinematics
  • Natural interaction and ergonomics with full body tracking
  • Intuitive tools for analysis and feedback

State-of-the-art display system with Barco projectors & screen
Full body tracking system for interaction
Turnkey execution with single point of contact

Standardized New Process

3d virtual reality in ship design



With EXXAR at any point during design, the CAD data is viewed in 1:1 scale for quick visual assessments using HMDs
3d virtual reality in ship design


Design Review

Since review is a collaborative task, with EXXAR the design directorate and manufacturer perform collaborative review on a Powerwall/ CAVE.
3d virtual reality in ship design


Design Approval

After a more detailed physics based validation the data is now ready for showcase without any additional preparation increasing user engagement.
virtual reality in industry



The production data is taken in as scanned data which is compared with the design data for inconsistencies in production

Reviews to the next level with collaboration

virtual reality exxar network

Key Achievements

  • From CAD to VR in 1-click, < 1-minute
  • 89% quicker design reviews
  • 33% reduction in related travel
  • 92% reduction in errors during production
  • Human factored engineering
  • Multi-level design validation
  • Improved user engagement during design
  • Integrated marketing

vr key achievement