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Every few years, the Geospatial Intelligence industry undergoes a revolution. First, it was small Geo Satellite Stations and Global Navigation Satellite System, then came Global Positioning System(GPS). Now, we as a technology professionals are adding another tool, mapping drones, which accelerates quick data collection times, excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience. This article will help organisations, designers and users of the drone to understand the threat profile of the multiple systems. It will allow them to address various system vulnerabilities, detect threats, and find mitigation techniques to avoid these threats.

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How Drones can help in Surveying and Mapping?

This Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as drone can extensively reduce the time spent on projects by collecting accurate surveying data in a much shorter time frame. Drones also eliminate the need for humans to physically access elevated, rugged and dangerous terrain. With high resolution pixel camera fitted to the drone, it can capture the clear images while travelling at high speed.         

Drones are perfect for aerial mapping. Repeatable and accurate flight makes a drone the ideal platform for near-ground mapping. The combination of today’s high resolution pixel cameras and inexpensive flying devices enables mapping at every level in detail that never imagined before.

eastern border at a BOP level

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What we do in Drone Mapping?

So, probably you would be wondering that what we do in Aerial Drone Mapping. With the help of a drone and GeorbIS, a GIS based software, installed in an iPad, you can capture the images and insight aerial view of the desired region. You need to select the area to be mapped in the form of a grid with the help of tools. Your drone will fly to perform the required task. 

You can track the real time height, altitude and speed of the drone and can adjust as needed. We have developed the GeorbIS application to view, capture, record and map the area to create 3D Visualization by using the drone.

GeorbIS offer some great features in terms of capturing images and making 3D map. Some of its characteristics are listed below.

1. Four Dynamic Map Styles

GeorbIS offers different map themes such as standard, light, dark, & satellite for ultimate geo-awareness, precision, and accuracy when planning your mission. Choose from flexible and easy-to-use flight path drawing tools for accurate and reliable surveying data and feedback about the rules pertaining to your flight.  

In preflight and flight modes, toggle between portrait and landscape orientation settings for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use. With the help of these two viewing modes, you can get a better view of the surveying area and navigating tools.

2. Portrait & Landscape Modes

3. Intelligent Compliance Briefs

Airmap dynamically analyzes your flight plan with the help of real-time tracking sensor and then generates a compliance brief to inform you of rules you are following or that you may be violating. Verify or make modifications to your flight plan based on the compliance brief to ensure safe, responsible and fruitful flight.

How Drone and GeorbIS Software work together to create 3D Map

With the help of GeorbIS software, the coloured boxes that get drawn on the iPad represent an image that is taken by the camera. The darker the colour, the more number of times that area has been covered. Ideally, the camera should be able to locate, see and capture every detailed point you want to include in the map at least 8 times.


By precisely controlling the flight pattern, flight speed and camera frame rate, it is possible to achieve perfect coverage and avoid overlapping. Plenty of overlap and straight down captured images are the key components to collect, analyze fruitful data and creating decision taking maps.    


The use of drone is rapidly expanding as geospatial and construction companies learn how much easier and more cost-effective completing surveying and mapping projects can be achieved with drones and Geographic Information System (GIS) software.  

chosen region

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How Aerial Drone Mapping will benefit your organisation?

As technology advances, the innovation in miniature electronic military equipment and systems have led to the emergence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). UAV is commonly known as Drone. This proved to be new weapons in war and tools used in various other areas like aerial mapping, capturing images, detect weather conditions etc. Drones can easily be operated from a remote location with the controller and a software. They are being used for critical operations, including military offensive, surveillance, reconnaissance, and other civilian missions. 

The need to secure these channels in a drone system as it is one of the most important aspects of the security system because all information critical to the mission is sent through wireless communication channels. It is well understood that due to the lack of security and loss of control over these systems to adversaries is a potential threat to the national security. The emergence of Drone Aerial Mapping Technology has really helped to solve these critical issues.    

Applications of Aerial Drone Mapping with GeorbIS

A drone not only complements your existing survey instruments but also helps to collect meaningful data. With its diverse use in the fields like construction, military operation, critical battlefield operation, it has become an important and useful device. Some of its uses are as follows:  

Land Surveying

Major land departments are now opting for cadastre, using drone orthomosaic, to create or update land cover and design single object layers. Drone based topographic mapping is yet more widely employed, for example on new developments (e.g building construction, noise barrier design).

The number of applications for drone derived digital surface and terrain models are virtually limitless. From importing drone DSMs into CAD to build virtual 3D models to using a drone’s orthomosaics to define boundaries or employing drone derived DTMs to simulate flooding.

Urban Planning & Land Management

Construction & Earthworks

From measuring the terrain to different landscape work sites, mapping drones are revolutionizing the working lives of construction surveyors, saving their time and drastically reducing their need to physically access their job sites.

By allowing surveyors to collect accurate spatial data by drone mapping technology, rather than at ground level, drone technology is useful in both reducing the risk faced by surveyors, boosting pit, geologists and quarry productivity through improved inventory management and planning.

Mining, Quarries & Aggregates


Drone derived with high resolution maps and 3D digital surface models are thriving a new era of archaeological discovery. Enabling teams to visually assess large and medium-sized regions of interest more effectively than ever before.    

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