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Out of all the sensory organs in our body, eyes and ears are the strongest among them. We tend to grasp information quickly and precisely if we hear/see it. But, this is something that our learning/training processes lack. In the past two decades, a lot of raw information/data has been created and it is high time to use that information in our day to day learning/training processes. Another important task is to display and manage that information in a way that is easy to understand and quick in decision-making.

Video walls are being put to use extensively at places like shopping malls, stadiums, airports, etc., to catch the eyes of millions of people. These are used for advertisement, displaying information, and then using this information in the decision making process.

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Our visual solutions are highly customisable fully integrated with applications varying from monitoring and operation planning, decision theatres, corporate boardrooms, commercial advertising video walls to flight simulators. The solutions are highly customisable combining the latest technologies of visualisation tools, displays, projections systems, audio-visual integration for analysing and planning. The data can be collected from sensors, video sources, simulation data, computer visualisation and geospatial. These solutions are managed by our indigenously developed video wall controller VizDisplay .

Some key features of our solutions that set us apart

  • Seamless edge-blended displays with multi-channel projection
  • Configurable screen options from panels, cubes to seamless projection displays
  • Operations Planning Software (OPS) for scenario creation, mission planning, briefing and analysis
  • Integrated support for real-time data and interaction including GPS, radio, video streams, IP cameras
  • Various sub modules for decision assistance, unit tracking, security and encryption, intelligent surveillance and incident management
  • Immersive visualization with active stereo support driven at real-time frame rates by powerful visual computing systems
  • High operational life
  • Low cost of ownership
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