Videowall Controller Software Features – VizDisplay

vizdisplay frame

Integration The Way You Want It

Functional Front Panel

Fully Customizable Rear Panel


Fully Customizable Rear Panel

Support For Driving 3D Stereo

Multiple Display Control From A Single Unit

Mini-vu: Live Source Previews And Troubleshooting

Bezel Correction Functionality



Auto Input Source Recognition, No Configuration Required

Wireless Steaming support By iPad, Other Tablets

IP Camera Streaming Support

Network Device Streaming Over Wired/Wireless VPN

Dynamic Real Time Wireless Control

Timed Preset Management

Complete Wall Recording And Playback

Single Input Source Recording And Playback

Source Scaling Across Displays Aspect Ratio Control

Source Scaling Across Displays With Interpolation Support

Wireless Annotation Support


CISF HQ, New Delhi

8 unit LG Data wall in 4×2 grid

VizDisplay 2-4-0I8O

Application area

Operation Planning

Collaboration/ Meeting room

Video conferencing

BSF HQ, New Delhi

12 unit 3D Data wall in a 4×3 grid

VizDisplay 17-16-0I12O

Application areas

Mission critical data visualization

GIS data visualization

Operation planning

ITR, Chandipur

Barco 6 channel 30° curved rear projection

~24MP display in a 3×2 grid

VizDisplay 10-4-2I6O

Application area

Mission Critical Control Room

NRSC, Hyderabad

Barco 8 channel 60° curved rear projection

~16MP 3D display in a 4×2 grid

VizDisplay 4-0-0I8O

Application area

Satellite data visualization in 3D

Disaster management, analysis

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