Unveiling a New Era: Virtual & Augmented Reality for Industrial Training

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Challenges faced in Industrial Training

Complex Equipment Familiarization

Navigating intricate machinery and systems is difficult.

Resource-Intensive Training

High costs associated with equipment usage and site access.

Safety Risks in Hands-On Practice

Balancing practical training with potential hazards.

Advantages of using VR for Industrial Training

Equipment Familiarization

VR offers intuitive, step-by-step guide to get familiar with complex equipment

Optimize Resources

VR helps reduce cost of training while reducing dependence on subject matter experts

Enhance Safety

VR simulations enable risk-free practice on hazardous scenarios, reducing risk of training related accidents

VizExperts’ unique approach sets you up for success!

Cost effective & Scalable

Our automated data pipelines reduce content creation costs. Our SaaS model enables you to start small and scale as required.

Multi-device support

Native apps for Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Hololens as well as iPad and Android tablets enables multiple use cases and high adoption.

Truly Enterprise Solution

VizExperts relies on Exxar to ensure Enterprise-class data security, End to end encryption & integration with Enterprise IT systems.

Architectural Advantage